Many older houses in the UK are still fitted with fuse boxes, also known as consumer units, that are not in line with the current electrical regulations and you could be putting your family at risk if you fail to get your old fuse box replaced.

Faulty electrics are very dangerous and can pose a serious fire hazard and can lead to injury or electrocution.

Attempting to fix electrical problems yourself is extremely dangerous, so if you suspect your home has faulty wiring, you need the services of a fully qualified, registered electrician.

How do I know if I need a new fuse box?

Households have more electronic devices, such as laptops and televisions, than in the past, which draws on more electricity. If your fuses are blowing on a regular basis it might be a warning that your system is being overtaxed by your family’s electrical needs and a sign that you need a fuse box upgrade.

Signs that you need a new fuse box:

  • A consumer unit with wooden backing
  • Cast iron switches
  • A black electrical cable entering the box
  • Cables that are not PVCu insulated and are not coloured grey or white
  • A fuse box with no labelling
  • A fuse box with a mixture of fuses
  • Out of date sockets such as old round pin sockets
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Plugs which feel hot
  • Braided flex
  • Constantly tripping circuit breakers

Reason to upgrade your fuse box

The fuse box is the heart of your home’s wiring system, and distributes electricity to circuits within the house. An upgraded consumer unit is fitted with Residual Circuit Devices (RCDs) and mini circuit breakers (MCBs). Modern fuse boxes are designed to protect your socket circuits, and are able to detect the tiniest of current changes, and can disconnect in a split second in order to minimise the chances of potentially fatal electric shocks and electrical fires.

Many home insurance policies require that you have your electrics tested by a qualified electrician – otherwise you could be invalidating your home insurance cover.

The cost of fuse box replacement will vary depending on the work required, and JF Horton are fully qualified and experienced electricians who can provide you with a competitively priced, detailed quotation.

Benefits of a new fuse box

  • Safety of your home and family
  • Reduced risk of fire and electrocution
  • More efficient electrical distribution
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Ease of use and manageability
  • Copes with high electrical demands
  • Essential for home improvement projects
  • Landlords must comply with statutory regulations or face significant fines or imprisonment
  • Old fuse boxes do not have RCDs and take longer to switch off electricity, which can mean the difference between life and death

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JF Horton are fully qualified electricians, Part P compliant and fully insured. All work is inspected and tested to BS7671 standards, with fuse board changes or upgrades fully certified and signed off. We provide electrical services for both domestic and commercial clients in Oxford, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Stratford Upon Avon and surrounding areas. Call us today for more information about our competitively priced fuse box replacement.

Your living area is usually the place where the family relax and bond. A great way to add a little bit style to your home is to install custom lighting fixtures, they can make a big difference in the look and feel of your room and it may cost less than you think. With a wide variety of lighting fixtures, you can see a dramatic effect on the overall look of the home and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Recessed Lighting

These fixtures are unique in that they are completely recessed into the wall for that flush, minimalist look. This type of lighting is the best option in order to highlight or accent features of your home. The goal for recessed lighting isn’t only to add visibility, but to add interest, style and ambiance to your environment. This type of lighting is also useful for places such as hallways and small bathrooms where space is at a premium. They work well in conjunction with energy-saving, long-lasting LEDs.

Track Lighting

This versatile custom lighting option complements both the traditional and modern decor. You can install these in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or any other room for that matter. One of the biggest benefits of track lighting is that the lighting voltage is very low, and consequently helps reduce your electricity bill. One can even use a track lighting option to show an art collection, and there are endless colour choices and curves that make it a very versatile proposition.

Outdoor Lighting Options

Outdoor fixtures must be built with more robust, weather-resistant technology in order for it to withstand the elements. Adding outdoor lighting will highlight architectural styles and also adds an extra layer of security to your property. Bullet fixtures, lanterns and decorative post lights turn your back garden into a bright spot for entertaining guests.

So whether you are choosing custom lighting for your new home, or just refreshing the existing lighting, rest assured there are several lighting options to suit your needs. Our domestic / commercial electricians can explain all the options available, so please give us a call to discuss this further.

An Electrical home inspection is must when one buys a home or just moving into a rental property. For the safety of your loved ones always hire an experienced electrician who is well qualified. Electrical work (when not performed by the professional) is extremely dangerous, so DIY fixes will put you and your property at risk.

Moving to a new house?
When moving to a new house don’t forget to check all the wiring by using professional electricians that are Part P qualified. They can give you a full report which will give you the green light or tell you where risks lie. If action is needed then please do not hesitate to have it corrected as it could literally be a case of life or death, its that serious.

Inspect elements & wiring
Wiring is the most likely problem with a house. All aspects of it need to be thoroughly checked and in some cases it may be cheaper to have a rewired house than fixing it piece meal. If your electrical wires and switches are old have them checked as a mater of urgency.

Leave it to the professionals
Some things can be best explained by professionals. They have all the required certifications and knowledge in the field. Leaving your electrical issues to the certified professionals makes sense and gives you a peace of mind.

JF Horton and Sons are NICEIC approved team of electricians and electrical contractors that meet BS7671 standards. Whether you require our services in domestic, commercial or industrial sectors, let us help you.

With over 45 years experience, NICEIC registered, approved to BS7671 standards and a fully qualified part P Installer we tick all the accreditation boxes. Many of you will not have heard of Part P building regulations. There are even some electricians / organisations still aren’t qualified now and that is a major concern in any project, however small.

Government approved part P scheme operators like NICEIC, NAPIT check the competency of electricians upon joining and renewal. But, what about in between?

An LABC survey reported that 55% of homeowners were unaware that fitting a new electrical circuit is regulated and this unawareness puts them at risk. Accidents have reduced since part Ps introduction in 2005, but in most cases don’t realise Part P is mandatory to perform any electrical work in England.

What if you aren’t adhering to part P?
If you fail to comply with part P you risk invalidating your home insurance and will face potential safety issues and may even de-value your home when selling it. It is important for both homeowner and the electrical contractor to make sure that any electrical work complies with building regulations. Please note that if a firm fails to meet part P regulation then it can be fined up to £5,000 for each offence.

Let’s Make it possible
As fully compliant part P installers we believe that it is the responsibility of the contractor and homeowners to follow the government building regulations for safety. Policing of Part P tends to be more reactive than proactive, but by then the damage may be done. Always ensure your electrical contractor meets all the latest accreditations. This will not only give you peace of mind, but you will also know that work has been completed to the highest standards.

In the UK we have a set of statutory regulations regarding the use of mains powered electricity and appliances that have been put in place to keep our homes, businesses and the places we visit safe.

Thanks to these measures we can go shopping, take our children to school, or use electrical power at home without worrying about the risks of shock or fire – the safety standards we enjoy have become something we take for granted.

PAT testing

One of the areas of electrical safety we might need to engage with from time to time is PAT testing. Any business, school, or other public building has an obligation to make sure the appliances that staff, residents, or the public use are safe. For example: hand-dryers, vending machines, irons, washing machines and fridge-freezers.

  • PAT testing is carried out with light-touch regulation and most organisations can take care of it by simply engaging a qualified electrical contractor to carry out the work.
  • The testing itself is quick, easy, and not obtrusive.
  • You will be left with a record for each electrical item of its current condition and when testing was carried out, as well as a certificate for your records.

The law allows for a common-sense approach that requires different levels of testing depending on the appliances and their use, so a café with a table lamp or two, for example, will undertake a less rigorous regime than a commercial garage with a range of high voltage power tools.

PAT service from JF Horton and Sons

We are electrical contractors with a wealth of experience in many commercial and industrial sectors. We welcome PAT testing work from any business, no matter how small, and can carry out the service in an efficient, convenient way that will not impede your day to day activities.

Find out more by getting in touch with us today.

Imagine being able to control every aspect of your home from an internet enabled device wherever you are. Not so long ago this might have sounded a bit sci-fi, but now it’s becoming a sought after solution to modern living – having lighting, heating, access, multi-media, and security, all at your fingertips.

There are a number of electrical contractors out there in Oxford and Stratford Upon Avon offering installation services – so if you’re interested it’s worth having a good look around.

What can home automation do?

Lighting: controlling lighting can give you the power to make sure you are being energy efficient – you can turn off lights from work – or turn them on to give the impression of being in when you’re away.

Comms: intercom systems have been around for years, and now they can be used through your tablet or laptop, and synched with CCTV and your phone.

Sound and vision: if you are throwing a party, you can have control of your music throughout the house – control the volume in each room from your phone or tablet.

Security: with home automation you can monitor your home from any location, view CCTV, check alarms and set a notification for motion sensors to know exactly what’s going on when you’re away.

As the Internet of Things spreads into everyday life there is more and more that you can control remotely, or automatically. From ordering shopping to making sure your plants get watered, for those with the interest and budget, home automation is probably only the beginning.

Experienced electrical contractors for Stratford Upon Avon and Oxford

If you are interested in increasing your security or upgrading your electrical systems, why not get in touch with J F Horton & Sons. Find out more about our service here on our website, or give us a call for more information.

We are experienced electricians specialising in the industrial sector and available for work in and around Oxfordshire.

Our Services

Whether you run a farm, a production line, a warehouse, or any other industrial complex, we have the skills in-house to provide a service that includes the installation, repair, testing and renewal of electrical systems:

  • We are a NICEIC approved electrical contractor, qualified for the testing and inspection of industrial systems and machinery: we supply a BS7671 standard certified outcome and condition report with clear indicators for below standard components.
  • Your business needs are paramount and we offer a service that includes out of hours work to minimise down-time.
  • As experts in energy reduction we provide solutions such as LED lighting systems, automatic lighting controls, and timing switches for light, heating and hot water.
  • If your business involves high risk electrical systems, such as where heights or moisture are involved you will need a specialist contractor. We have a demonstrable track record of providing services where adverse conditions are an additional risk factor.
  • We undertake work on 3 phase supply for motors and machinery.
  • We can install power and data feeds of all kinds, as well as adaptive lighting systems. Our electrical systems come tailored to meet your needs, whether your site contains production machines, workstations, workshops, or heavy lifting gear.
  • In addition to electrical systems we can work with security systems for your industrial or commercial site, including: CCTV, fully integrated burglar alarms and access control, fire alarms and emergency response systems such as lighting and sprinklers.

If you’re looking for a contractor capable of working with complex integrated systems at industrial scale, while also delivering on contract management with a responsive, can-do service, find out more about what J F Horton can do for you. Get in touch for details today.

We offer a wide range of services to the industrial sector, and we have extensive experience across this sector, ranging from: pig pens and dairy farms to warehousing and rolling production lines.

Our design, supply and installation can tailor any system to meet your business needs and we can work out of hours to keep disruption to a minimum. We can also take on jobs that involve working at height or within restricted spaces.

Because reducing running costs is important to your business, we offer energy reduction systems that include LED lighting and automatic lighting controls, and time clocks for areas not frequently used, or hot water and heating systems.

The JF Horton team can undertake wiring or re-wiring of 3 phase motor supplies and machinery, or install power or data feeds to supply production machinery or work stations. Lighting for your industrial or agricultural site can be designed to fit around required lighting levels and purpose of the production or building.

As a NIC-EIC approved installer, full inspection and testing with certified outcome and condition report comes as standard, which guarantees the work is completed to the BS7671 Standard.     Additionally the condition report will allow you to see where components are below standard and require upgrading or replacement.

Safety and Security

On all of our Safety Installations we offer a design, supply, installation and maintenance service that includes:

  • Access equipment to provide building, stock, production and staff safety.
  • Burglar alarms to work alongside the access equipment, which can be maintained. Option for auto dialler; this can ring up to 4 staff when the alarm is activated.
  • CCTV for external and internal monitoring and recording.
  • Fire alarms and emergency lighting can be installed to fit the building use, layout and specific production to ensure staff and visitors alike are covered in the event of an emergency situation or evacuation.

Thank you for looking and for any questions or enquiries please call 01295 982 013, or fill out our customer enquiry form on the website; your request will be dealt with as soon as possible.