An Electrical home inspection is must when one buys a home or just moving into a rental property. For the safety of your loved ones always hire an experienced electrician who is well qualified. Electrical work (when not performed by the professional) is extremely dangerous, so DIY fixes will put you and your property at risk.

Moving to a new house?
When moving to a new house don’t forget to check all the wiring by using professional electricians that are Part P qualified. They can give you a full report which will give you the green light or tell you where risks lie. If action is needed then please do not hesitate to have it corrected as it could literally be a case of life or death, its that serious.

Inspect elements & wiring
Wiring is the most likely problem with a house. All aspects of it need to be thoroughly checked and in some cases it may be cheaper to have a rewired house than fixing it piece meal. If your electrical wires and switches are old have them checked as a mater of urgency.

Leave it to the professionals
Some things can be best explained by professionals. They have all the required certifications and knowledge in the field. Leaving your electrical issues to the certified professionals makes sense and gives you a peace of mind.

JF Horton and Sons are NICEIC approved team of electricians and electrical contractors that meet BS7671 standards. Whether you require our services in domestic, commercial or industrial sectors, let us help you.