Many older houses in the UK are still fitted with fuse boxes, also known as consumer units, that are not in line with the current electrical regulations and you could be putting your family at risk if you fail to get your old fuse box replaced.

Faulty electrics are very dangerous and can pose a serious fire hazard and can lead to injury or electrocution.

Attempting to fix electrical problems yourself is extremely dangerous, so if you suspect your home has faulty wiring, you need the services of a fully qualified, registered electrician.

How do I know if I need a new fuse box?

Households have more electronic devices, such as laptops and televisions, than in the past, which draws on more electricity. If your fuses are blowing on a regular basis it might be a warning that your system is being overtaxed by your family’s electrical needs and a sign that you need a fuse box upgrade.

Signs that you need a new fuse box:

  • A consumer unit with wooden backing
  • Cast iron switches
  • A black electrical cable entering the box
  • Cables that are not PVCu insulated and are not coloured grey or white
  • A fuse box with no labelling
  • A fuse box with a mixture of fuses
  • Out of date sockets such as old round pin sockets
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Plugs which feel hot
  • Braided flex
  • Constantly tripping circuit breakers

Reason to upgrade your fuse box

The fuse box is the heart of your home’s wiring system, and distributes electricity to circuits within the house. An upgraded consumer unit is fitted with Residual Circuit Devices (RCDs) and mini circuit breakers (MCBs). Modern fuse boxes are designed to protect your socket circuits, and are able to detect the tiniest of current changes, and can disconnect in a split second in order to minimise the chances of potentially fatal electric shocks and electrical fires.

Many home insurance policies require that you have your electrics tested by a qualified electrician – otherwise you could be invalidating your home insurance cover.

The cost of fuse box replacement will vary depending on the work required, and JF Horton are fully qualified and experienced electricians who can provide you with a competitively priced, detailed quotation.

Benefits of a new fuse box

  • Safety of your home and family
  • Reduced risk of fire and electrocution
  • More efficient electrical distribution
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Ease of use and manageability
  • Copes with high electrical demands
  • Essential for home improvement projects
  • Landlords must comply with statutory regulations or face significant fines or imprisonment
  • Old fuse boxes do not have RCDs and take longer to switch off electricity, which can mean the difference between life and death

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