In the UK we have a set of statutory regulations regarding the use of mains powered electricity and appliances that have been put in place to keep our homes, businesses and the places we visit safe.

Thanks to these measures we can go shopping, take our children to school, or use electrical power at home without worrying about the risks of shock or fire – the safety standards we enjoy have become something we take for granted.

PAT testing

One of the areas of electrical safety we might need to engage with from time to time is PAT testing. Any business, school, or other public building has an obligation to make sure the appliances that staff, residents, or the public use are safe. For example: hand-dryers, vending machines, irons, washing machines and fridge-freezers.

  • PAT testing is carried out with light-touch regulation and most organisations can take care of it by simply engaging a qualified electrical contractor to carry out the work.
  • The testing itself is quick, easy, and not obtrusive.
  • You will be left with a record for each electrical item of its current condition and when testing was carried out, as well as a certificate for your records.

The law allows for a common-sense approach that requires different levels of testing depending on the appliances and their use, so a café with a table lamp or two, for example, will undertake a less rigorous regime than a commercial garage with a range of high voltage power tools.

PAT service from JF Horton and Sons

We are electrical contractors with a wealth of experience in many commercial and industrial sectors. We welcome PAT testing work from any business, no matter how small, and can carry out the service in an efficient, convenient way that will not impede your day to day activities.

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